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Being a REALTOR® is an opportunity to become acquainted with interesting people and helping them realize their goal. I respect the fact that buying a home is not like any other purchase; your home is where you live and raise your family and will be one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. Selling your home can also be an extremely emotional process, you will find things that occur during the process that are tough or unexpected and even unpleasant but it's my job to help you through all these steps so you can relax and know that your home and family are in good hands with me. Whether you are buying or selling I understand that the process can be challenging and complicated and this adventure isn't always predictable.  I focus on taking the pressure off of you so YOU can make clear and definite decisions throughout the process and I will make this process as stress less as possible to make sure its a smooth transaction for both the purchaser and/or seller.  Ultimately a "successful" sale is my goal and I will utilize my expertise to make that happen for you!

I enjoy working with people of all ages and income brackets and one reason I love real estate sales is the variety of people that I have the opportunity to meet and assist. You never know what the day will bring or who you will encounter. I am especially excited to help first time home buyers realize the dream of owning a home.

I am proud to work with USAA, and NFCU and their members to assist with all their real estate needs. Having lived in NOVA for 15 years I understand what buyers new to the area "don't know"  as well as what they need to know as they begin the process of becoming homeowners for the first time or first time home owners in Northern Virginia.  If you are buying or selling a home or just thinking about it and want to discuss the real estate market I am happy to have a discussion with you and provide an exceptional real estate experience.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, call me today at 571.224.7313 and I will “Get You Moving” in the right direction.



Colleen Fox

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“Colleen Fox was willing to take the time to explain the sometimes daunting process of purchasing a home along the way and is beyond knowledgeable about all aspects of a real estate transaction We were very nervous at times not knowing what to expect and Colleen was reassuring, which helped put our minds at ease. She helped clarify what could be confusing and making us always feel like we were a priority. Colleen has been amazing in walking us through this entire process and either knew important information immediately or would find out as soon as possible. We couldn’t have asked for a better or more responsive agent. She certainly has a “get it done attitude”. ”
Beth and Bradley O’Donnell, Ashburn (Buyer)
“Colleen was phenomenal from start to finish! She’s a true professional and genuinely cares about her clients. She is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and went above and beyond to help us find the right home to fit our needs. We would highly recommend Colleen! ”
David and Jennifer Knowlton, Annandale (Buyer)
“Colleen is an excellent realtor we would work with her again and recommend her to others:”
Ralph, GA (Seller)
“Colleen Fox is fantastic! She knows her job well. She knows the market, the area, and is a great negotiator. She did whatever we asked of her and even went the extra mile for us. She tells you the truth about every situation and offers many options when dealing with every aspect (both buying and selling). She handled everything and made our transactions seamless. We have moved too many times to count in the past 25 years and Colleen is by far the best realtor we’ve ever had. We would recommend her with out hesitation. Colleen Fox is also understanding, thoughtful, funny, and went above and beyond what we could’ve ever asked for on both buying this home and selling it. She is simply the best! ”
William and Trisha Lanius (Seller)
“If you are considering relocating or selling in the Leesburg area, you owe it to yourself to seriously consider Colleen Fox and her office for your needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful as well as bring a genuinely nice and interesting person. I was a broker and agent for many years at Lake Anna and really appreciate an agent of her caliber. I would have hired her in a heartbeat and appreciate everything she did for us.”
Toni Yates, Lovettsville, VA (Buyer)
“Colleen Fox is well versed in selling and knows all the in and outs to make this process a successful one. Her suggestions that she made to the presentation of house made our home look amazing and we feel that made a big difference in selling it so quickly. We highly recommend her! Thank you Colleen!”
Carol & Mark DuPuis, Leesburg, VA (Seller)
“We had a friend that had a positive experience with Colleen Fox. Having lived in Leesburg VA for the last 20 yrs we had many real estate / broker options. My wife Diana and I met with Ms Fox and had an immediate level of comfort and trust that she knew the Leesburg area and would do her best to represent us. Ms Fox was a total professional - she was patient with us and provided excellent advice - A very positive experience working with Ms Fox Overall experience was very positive - we would HIGHLY recommend Collen Fox - she is honest, knowledgeable and trustworthy - she cares ”
Jeff Vincent, Leesburg Va resident and now living in Ft Collins, Co. (Seller)
“Colleen made a normally highly stressful experience into a smooth, low stress process. She's a subject matter expert throughout her profession, always thinks ahead, and maintains an even-tempered, good humored approach throughout the buying/selling process. We were very fortunate and thankful to have her representing us. Whatever you're paying her, it's not enough. ”
Gil Klinger, Leesburg, VA (Buyer)
“Colleen is extremely knowledgeable, organized and easy to work with!! She was helpful from the preparation stage to closing. I couldn’t imagine the selling of our home could have gone any better!”
Judy - Leesburg (Seller)
“My wife and I were impressed by Colleen Fox’s attention to detail and professionalism. We would gladly recommend her to friends and family. ”
Rich and Jesi, Ashburn (Buyer)
“Colleen was knowledgeable about everything that needed to be done to sell the property, has excellent networking skills with local resources, And her communication skills are phenomenal. I always knew where we were in the process, what need to be done, and what was coming up next. Colleen always had my best interests and the property as her highest priority. She made the selling of my home as seamless as possible. With Colleen, I knew it I wasn’t just a client with a property. I couldn’t have made it through the process of selling my home without Colleen. Her personal, professional skills, knowledge of the selling and buying process, in addition to her persona- she’s the best. I couldn’t have asked for more. I knew from the beginning that I made the right choice with Colleen. She was honest, realistic about market value regarding the property, the area, and her advice never steered me wrong. She presented me with options, I always felt like the ultimate decisions were mine, and she provided all available scenarios and possibilities. I put my total trust in her without question. She is open, honest, ethical, and puts over 100 percent into everything. Colleen was always available when I needed her. I never had to wait for a status, an update, anything. Colleen anticipated what needed to be done, what might need done, and kept me well informed about every step. She is beyond trustworthy, She has every trait necessary, desirable plus more. With Colleen, you know you have someone looking out for your best interests, you know it’s not just a property. Colleen makes you feel warm, comfortable, and at ease knowing she is not just an agent, she is someone you can trust, and is your advisor and advocate. I could not have done this without Colleen, period. She is the best in existence. She has a gift of making the whole process as easy as possible. She actually cares about her clients, she cares about their best interests. Yes, buying and selling is business ( which she excels at beyond measure), the thing is - she brings so much more than just a property transaction, you know she cares, and will represent you with the same honor, drive, and determination as if it was her own property. Colleen isn’t just the best realtor in the world, she’s one of the best people I know. Choosing Colleen to represent you is the best decision you’ll make, she is organized, knowledgeable, communication is constant, you’ll never be waiting long for a response, or wonder how the process is going. She put all my concerns at ease, she was with me through every step. I cannot emphasize my appreciation, as she consistently went above and beyond, or my awe in how amazing she was through the selling of my home. ”
Samantha Lee Hahn - previously of Round Hill, VA (Seller)
“Coleen's systematic approach all three of our transactions; the sale, temporary rental and untimely a purchase made the process easy. She guided all three in about ten months. There was never a moment when she was not in full control of the process, always available and experienced.”
Russ Perry, Leesburg, VA (Buyer)
“She is awesome, has been my mentor, friend as well as my real estate agent. She is very patient, and funny as well. She has delt with all of my concerns with understanding and knowledge.”
Jackie Bushway Hollywood, Maryland (Buyer)
“Colleen Fox is EVERYTHING one looks for in a realtor. She is professional, knowledgeable, kind, honest, and most of all patient. Her main goal as our realtor is to represent us, and negotiate on our behalf. She stands out because quite simply 'she gets it done', from coordinating inspections, home repairs, to staging our beautiful house - She was there every step of the way! Thank you Colleen for all of your support - you are simply the BEST! ”
Karin Lindberg, Leesburg VA (Seller)
“This is the second time we have used Colleen Fox as our agent (the first was when we bought the home) and after this experience, we would come back again for a third and fourth. Colleen was always very straightforward with us, even when it wasn't the best news she had to bring. She always had a solution or advice at the ready any time she called us regarding any decisions we had to make, and was always well informed. Her recommendations for companies to do service work were excellent, and she went out of her way to help us with the daunting task of selling our home from across the country. Colleen was very helpful with figuring out what forms were needed, as well as making sure the closing agents were doing all they needed to do, and following up repeatedly when they did not. We felt like Colleen had a vested interest in the outcome of our sale beyond just the commission, and we are eternally grateful for her services. We would recommend Colleen to anyone buying or selling a home in Virginia. ”
Lynnae Palmer, Burke VA (Seller)
“We worked with Colleen for both the purchase and sale of our homes. She was professional and very knowledgable of the market and what to offer/ask. I was very impressed with her experience on staging a house. I was also very appreciative she wasn't pushy at all. She let us make our decisions.”
Paul Phaneuf Leesburg (Seller)
“Colleen Fox gives your industry and your company a good name. If she were the face of the realtor profession, there would be nothing but praise and compliments for it. Consistently even-tempered, good-humored, and professional approach to everything and everyone, even in stressful situations. Colleen is a pro's pro. ”
Susy O'Donnell and Gil Klinger, Leesburg (Buyer)
“Colleen gave me exceptional advice on what work to perform to get the house ready for sale, without breaking the bank. She was also very effective at negotiating the sales prices and other contract addendums. The quick sale over asking price speaks for itself.”
Sue, Alexandria VA (Seller)
“I was so grateful to have Colleen Fox by my side through this whole process. She constantly had my best interest in mind and often had ideas and tips on things that I had not even thought of. From reviewing comps pre-sale all the way through the closing, she was organized and showed that a good real estate agent such as Colleen goes way beyond just posting a property on the MLS. ”
Laurie Aylward, Ashburn, VA (Seller)
“Colleen Fox went above and beyond from day one. I was set on just removing most items from the house and leaving just large furniture, but Colleen persuading me on the value of staging my house. With a lot of help from Colleen and my future wife, they were able to make the house presentable and not look like a bachelor pad. I believe this helped with the quick sale along with pricing the house correctly. During my Home Inspection while I was away on a trip to Florida, Colleen called to tell me that my Hot Water Heater had cracked and my basement was semi-flooded. I did not have readily available access to the Internet so it was not easy for me to coordinate with various Vendors to get the basement carpet cleaned and repaired, and find a suitable priced replacement for the water heater. Colleen took care of everything and even got 3 quotes for a new water heater which saved me almost a $1000!! Throughout the whole process I was kept well informed on where we were and next steps. I always felt comfortable that Colleen had everything under-control and that I was in good hands.”
Wayne, Leesburg, VA (Seller)
“Colleen was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt with response. We couldn't have asked for anyone better to guide us through the process as first time home buyers.”
D. Baicy Leesburg, Va (Buyer)
“Colleen has provided exceptional service, guidance and advice throughout the whole process. I will use her services again, and can highly recommend her.”
Susan O., Alexandria VA (Seller)


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